You select which types of players to include in the reports using the filters page.

The filters page.


You can define up to two different types of players, each displayed in a left or right view. This makes it convenient to compare different types of players.

Use Current Player

Select the use current player check box if you want to compare the currently player to a player type. This makes it easy to compare your own tendencies with another player type.

Hands Filter

The hands filter is a filter that is applied to the results of each qualifying player. It does not affect which players are used, but it does affect which hands from each player that are included in the reports.

Click the browse hand filter button to display the HM3 filter editor.

HM3 filter editor

Select one or more filters and click OK. The resulting filter string will appear in the hands filter box.

The hands filter

Max Players

The max players box sets the maximum number of qualifying players that will be used in the query. The Range Wizard first orders players in descending order by the number of hands.

Player Filters

You can define any number of player filters to choose the type of players you want to study. You can use any available stat as a filter.

To add a player filter, click the add filter button to display the stat picker in single stat selection mode. Use the stat picker to add stats as player filters.

A player filter

You can set each filter’s minimum and maximum value by checking the appropriate check box and entering a value.

Click the remove filter button to remove a filter from the list.