Release Notes

Release 1.0.29 (2021/01/12)

Fix theme update bug
Catch busy window exception
Improve progress reporting when running LE positional queries
Don’t apply hand filter when filtering players to include in report

Release 1.0.22 (2020/12/20)

Increase max players in views to 100000

Release 1.0.21 (2020/12/19)

Allow excluding opponents in players views
Load current player if not found in the players list
Fix PT4 hole card filters

Release 1.0.17 (2020/12/02)

Add common stats to PT4 reports
Hide stat filters in stats picker that are not applicable to PT4
Various minor fixes

Release 1.0.16 (2020/12/01)

Add datagrid export to pdf,excel,html,xml,cvs

Release 1.0.15 (2020/11/20)

Fix complex PT4 hand filters

Release 1.0.14 (2020/11/19)

Add PT4 reports
Add more PT4 hole card stats
Improve stat details chart formatting
Add free variant warning that available stats are limited

Release 1.0.13 (2020/11/16)

Improve initialization

Release 1.0.12 (2020/11/14)

Fix PT4 tournament player queries

Release 1.0.11 (2020/11/12)

Fix small stake restriction parsing for all cultures
Include PT4 log file in feedback

Release 1.0.10 (2020/11/12)

Improve error report for “player similar to” view filter

Release 1.0.9 (2020/11/09)

Handle task bar exception
Improve selected tab item logging
Handle task dialog exception
Ignore clipboard exceptions

Release 1.0.8 (2020/11/07)

Change “show app when enabled” to “show app on startup”
Remove splash
Do not show small stakes unlock message if number of locked hands is less than 1 hand
Fix check when setting MinimumFilteredPlayerHandCount
Fix hole cards filter
Fix hole cards queries for non-current players
Add “o” suffix to unsuited hands in hole card export string
Fix hole cards queries for child stats like ‘3bet In Position’
Remove General keyword from stats picker filter tree
Fix Flopzilla hand range export
Fix null exception in hole cards query parsing

Release 1.0.0 (2020/10/13)

Initial release