Reports View

The Report View allows you to select, add, edit, and delete reports. Reports are files that contain view filters and stat groups.

Report View

The Report Selector provides a list of saved reports from which you can choose. Select a report by clicking on it and then clicking OK, or by double-clicking on it.

Editing Reports

You can use the editing buttons above the reports list to add, edit, and delete reports.

Add, Edit, and Delete buttons
  • The Add button creates a new report using the Report Editor.
  • The Edit button edits the currently selected report using the Report Editor.
  • The Delete button deletes the currently selected report.

Importing and Exporting Reports

You can share reports by importing and exporting them as report files. Report files are saved with a .rwr extension.

Import and Export buttons

Copy and Paste Reports

You can copy reports to and paste reports from the clipboard using the Copy and Paste buttons.

Copy and Paste buttons


You can run the currently selected report by clicking the Refresh button.

Refresh button