Tutorial 1: Open and Run a Report

Range Wizard combines players with similar characteristics so you can analyze hand ranges and tendencies of various types of players. You define the type of player and which player tendencies you wish to study.

In this quick start, we will

  • Start Range Wizard app
  • Open and run a report
  • Provide a quick introduction to the result views

Start Range Wizard App

To start Range Wizard, select Enable Range Wizard on the HM3 Apps menu.

Enable Range Wizard

This will display the Range Wizard start up screen.

Range Wizard start up screen

Open and Run a Report

Click on the Open Report button to see a list of reports.

Open Report button

This will open the report selector.

The report selector

Range Wizard supplies several useful reports to get you started. You can use the buttons at the top of the window to create new reports, edit reports, delete reports, import/export reports, and copy/paste reports.

For now, we will open the “Hero Vs Winners” report by either double clicking on it or selecting it and clicking OK. The report will open in the report editor.

Report editor

The report editor contains a report name, two view filters, and a list of stat groups. The left view filter selects a specific player, in this case HM3’s currently active player.

Left view filter

The right view filter selects a predefined stat filter named “Winning Players”.

Right view filter

If you hover your mouse cursor over “Winning Players” a tool tip will show the actual filter definition.

You can use the “Players similar to” option to select a player and Range Wizard will find other players with similar VPIP and PFR stats.

The “Max players” option sets the maximum number of players that will be included in the report.

You can further filter hands included in the report using the “Select hands” option. This will open the filter editor in HM3 where you can specify a hands filter.

The stat groups list at the bottom of the window shows which stat groups will be included in the report.

Stat groups

Range Wizard provides several useful stat groups to use in your reports.

Now click the OK button to run the report.

Players View

Range Wizard will begin searching the HM3 database for players that match the view filters, starting with the players with the most hands. It displays three tabs that are updated as each new matching player is found.

The Players tab shows players that match each view filter.

Players tab while report is in progress

Click on the Hole Cards tab to see the Hole Cards view.

Hole Cards view

The Hole Cards view displays estimated hand ranges for each view. It is important to note that hand ranges are based on hole cards that were shown down.

Select the Stats tab to view the Stats view.

Stats view

The left side of the view lists all of the stat groups that are included in the report. The right side shows the stats in the selected stat group.

You can click on the plus icon at the left of each stat group to drill down and see more details.

Stat details

The stat details gives you an idea of how much each stat varies among the players.

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